Nicotine Salts E-jUICE

Tongue Slap's Nicotine Salt Juice the perfect choice for vaping enthusiasts who prefer a powerful punch of pizzazz from their designer nicotine salts e-juice selections. If you love a vape that’s both sweet and sour, then these delicious blends are well worth a try. Some of them are fresh and fruity while others are tantalizingly tart, but they all have one thing in common. They tickle the taste buds and make your toes tap with devilish deliciousness that’s purely a Tongue Slap!

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Fair Hair 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Fair Hair A delicious cotton candy that melts in your mouth! Nicotine Content:0mg/3mg/6mg/12mg/18mg/24mg Capacity:60ml... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Gummy Bear 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Gummy Bear Gummy Bear E-Liquid tastes just like those sugary sweet candies that we all know and love so well. It’s... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Rainbows 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Rainbows Taste the rainbow of those tiny, multi-colored candies that we all know and love so well! Rainbows E-Liquid offers... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Smoothie 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Smoothie Who doesn’t love the rich, creamy taste of a perfectly blended fruit smoothie? This premium vape juice tastes... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Sour Sauce 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Sour Sauce For the luscious taste of those popular lemon head candies in a sweet, tasty vape, Sour Sauce E-Liquid is truly... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Sweet Tart 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Sweet Tart Do you remember those multi-colored sweet tart candies that you used to pop in your mouth as a kid? They started... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Taffy Dude 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Taffy Dude For the sweet taste of salt water taffy fresh from the Jersey Shore, Taffy Dude E-Liquid . This premium vape juice... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Tigers Blood 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Tigers Blood Don’t be alarmed by the odd-sounding name because this lip-smacking e-liquid will make you roar with sheer... more info

Nicotine Salts Vapor E-juice-Zebra Stripes 60ml

Nicotine Salts E-juice -Zebra Stripes Do you remember those sugary sweet flavors of the uber-popular fruit striped gum from when you were a kid? How... more info


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